10 Worst Moms

1.) So yeah, this woman just gave birth, 12 hours of labor and non-stop contractions. No Biggie! Just a normal day at the hospital. Not to keen to see her baby, but a bit too excited to check her phone. Might be checking for the nearby party events tonight on her Facebook. She sure got her priorities sorted out.


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2.) This mom-to-be is either plain stupid or ignorant. Smoking while pregnant is irresponsible, taking a photo and posting it on social media is idiotic, but defending her action is just going full retard. Get knocked-up all you want young lady, but don’t go full retard. Never go full retard.


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3.) Okay son, let’s go for a photo walk. But could you hold the camera for me? Oh, wait there’s a scenic view out there i’d like to take a photo of. Let me yank the camera off you neck real quick. Stay still and don’t move. And could you tip-toe while you’re at it, i need a higher point of view.


4.) This is just so wrong on many levels. I couldn’t really think of any explanation why this mother is sticking her tongue out.  And is she trying to pinch his son’s nipples? That’s just weird!


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5.) Overloading. No helmet. Pretty sure that baby carrier is made in China. And lastly, a bucket? To these kids, this might be thrilling and fun. But i could just imagine what will happen the second something goes wrong.


6.) This mother ditched the baby stroller and took his kid out on a utility cart. As comfy as her baby might look, let’s just not hope this wouldn’t end up as one of those bad cases of scoliosis. Terrible idea mom. You cheapskate!


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7.) “A” is for apples, “B” is for beers. Start them young, at least that’s what this mother had in planned, when she decided to have a kid. That’s some early technical training for college beer-bong. Grandpa would be proud.



8.) This Amanda Schleister. A few years back she was seen dangling a two-year old into a storm sewer to get a tennis ball. That time, the Council of American Families had named her their Worst Mom of the Year Award winner. Well this time she is again their repeat champion. Six years have past and she still doesn’t know how to carry a child the proper way.


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9.) Could this be an evidence for a crime? This mom had all the time to take selfie while her kid, for all we know might be drowning in the tub.


10.) And the award for the Worst Mom goes to Mist Vanhorn.  Apparently her boyfriend found himself in jail with a $1000 bail. Vanhorn wanted to raise money and went door to door asking for donations to get her boyfriend out of jail. The door-to-door plan eventually failed so she came up with a new one. Vanhorn went on Facebook and contacted a woman from Arkansas and offered to sell her 2 year old daughter for $1000 and her 10month old for another $3000. No stupid selfies, no smoking or booze, but this has got to be the worst thing a mother can do from the list we have.


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