11 Stories You Didn’t Know Behind Famous Songs



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This is a famous song dating back 1971 which was written by Norman Gimbel, composed by Charles Fox and was first recorded by Lori Lieberman

Version 1: It was said that Lori Lieberman first saw Don McLean at the Troubadour in LA, and was moved by McLean’s performance particularly by his song “Empty Chair”, and asked Charles Fox if they could make a song about that experience. The result would be the song “Killing me Softly with his song.”
It was said that Lieberman even wrote in her diary that listening to McLean’s songs was intensely personal as if he had read aloud from her own letters.

Version 2: In an an interview with Charles fox, It was told that the story was like an urban legend and it didn’t really go the way many people had believed it to be. Charles Fox said that Norman Gimbel (song writer) had a book where he would put titles of songs, lyrics and song ideas or anything that interests him. And he pulled out the book and said “Hey, what about the song title ‘Killing me softly with his blues’? Charles Fox liked “Killing me softy” part but didn’t go with “blues”. Until they decided to change “blues” into “song” and came up with the title. Gimbel finished the lyrics that same night and presented it to Lieberman the next day.
Lieberman loved it and said that it reminds her of being at a Don McLean concert.
From then on, every time Lieberman performed that song she would always say that it reminds her being at McLean’s concert. Until the words got changed somehow to a sense that the song was written for McLean.
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