Trump Bails On Kimmel Appearance, Jimmy Retaliates In Epic Fashion

For years, politics has been a subject that has bored many people to death. Although people want to be interested, it’s always been difficult – especially for younger people – until now that is. This year’s presidential election has completely changed the game, with business tycoon, Donald Trump entering the race, many people have been following the candidates like never before.

But despite the fact that many people are not feelin’ Trump or his platform, he remains the Republican frontrunner – and some people even think he has a real shot at making his way into The White House. Because of his newfound fame, Trump has been making appearances on shows all over the country, and last month he was scheduled to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Unfortunately; however, Trump’s long-awaited appearance on the show never actually happened.


The night before the show, Trump’s ‘people’ contacted Kimmel to let him know that the Donald would not be able to make it to the set. Apparently he had some political obligations (AKA getting on everybody’s nerves) to tend to, and he had to do what he had to do.

Although Kimmel was clearly annoyed by the situation, he did what he does best: turned it into a joke. After all, if there’s one thing Donald Trump is always good for – it’s a few laughs. Kimmel let the audience know that although Trump wouldn’t be at the show, he had something equally as orange for them.

Check out the video to hear Kimmel’s jokes. Do you think it was rude of Donald Trump to cancel at the last minute?

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